Future Implications

Social Media has constantly been changing and evolving and while this has an impact on consumer’s lives’, there is also an impact on brands and how they implement social media into their new and existing strategies. With the changes in social media, the consumer has had more of a say so and this gets the brand’s attention so that they can listen to the consumer and their needs. With the increase in technology, there are now plenty of tools for brands to use to analyze data and analytics to ultimately better understand their consumers and their needs.

Technology & Human Behavior

Since several platforms have introduced and incorporated live video over the past year, there is no reason that a brand should not be using it in their social media strategy. Statistics show that by 2019 a million minutes’ worth of video will be shared every second. Facebook alone is currently generating 8 billion video view per day. YouTube has also been steadily on the rise of not only a number of views they are receiving per day but the number of backlinks that are being built in conjunction with social sharing. While technological advances in social media such as live video have changed the social media landscape and will continue to change it, how the brand is maintaining and building the trust and relationship with the consumer has also changed.


Social media has allowed for the creation of support teams to be able to assist the consumer in real time. It is estimated that by 2020, 90% of business will be using social media for customer service. Not all companies and brands have turned to social media for customer service but some have utilized it so that they remain transparent in dealing with customer issues. Brands have found that it is cheaper and faster to respond to the consumer than traditional means. With technology steadily increasing, the consumer has, even more, ways of reaching the brand with their questions, concerns, and needs. It is 2017 and the consumer is all about convenience and if social media is not being incorporated or utilized into your strategy, it needs to be.

TEDx is a program that was created around TED which is an organization which that centered around the idea of “idea’s worth spreading”. Samia Kahan talks below in the TEDx video about how social media may be much of a good thing. Social media is not all positive and this video highlights just that. Brands and marketers should focus on using social media to establish that relationship with their target audience


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